New Orleans Copper Inc. is now partnering with a variety of new industries, such as architecture, sculpture and film production. The company has produced works of art in conjunction with local artist Lin Emery, Universal Studios, Paramount Studios, Barcelona Studios and local architects to help make their visions a reality. The skilled craftsmen at New Orleans Copper, Inc. enjoy the challenge of bringing these very visible art elements to life.

New Orleans Copper, Inc. offers an unparalleled level of experience and expertise to its clients.With a staff having years of experience working together, the company understands all aspects of metals utilization and performance.

New Orleans Copper’s management also understands that, in today’s competitive world of budgetary constraints and new performance needs, experience alone is not enough.  The company must prove itself every day to clients of 40 years or four months. This is done with diligence, turn around dependability, craftsmanship and knowledge – The kind of knowledge that only a lifetime of hands on participation in this specialized business can provide.