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Question: How do we get more details?
Answer: We will send you a company brochure detailing our business upon request by calling us at 504-525-7426 or email your address to us.


Question: How can our business initiate a quotation on a job?
Answer: In order to get a quotation on a job, call our sales department at 504-525-7426 and one of our representatives will get the details of your bending needs,i.e., type of material, degree and radius of bend, tangent lengths, etc. Prices are determined by the details of the job on an individual basis. A drawing with specifics of the bend is usually faxed to us (504-529-2904)to enable us to complete the job to your satisfaction.


Question: Do we have to furnish the material?
Answer: Many of our customers do send their own material to be fabricated, however we can furnish the required pipe if desired. Price quotations can be made for material and labor or labor only.


Question: Do you deliver the finished product?
Answer: This is up to the customer. The customer may choose to arrange to pickup the completed job or we can arrange for a truck line to deliver to the location of a customer's choice. The delivery charges can be COD or invoiced later.


Question: What are terms of payment ?
Answer: We require payment by check or credit/debit card 30 days after the date of invoice. A credit reference detail is required by new customers as well as a copy of their tax exemption certificate if applicable.